Sprint 3-ish

Well this is embarrassing. We’ve already gone ahead and finished Sprint 2 and now we’re almost done with Sprint 3. Our ravenous, impatient fan base probably has a lot to complain about with these turn of events. Stuff like “Where are the Kaleidoscope updates?”, “I wonder how my son’s video game is going?” and “What’s happening with my grand-daughter’s video thingy she’s doing for school??”. Well now it’s okay. I’m here now with some sweet, sweet updates.

First of all, how are we doing game development-wise. Well we have our opening scene. It’s great. Actually, I’ll show you guys!


Bahahaha! The look on your guys’ faces! Pfft. You thought I was gonna show you more than 30 seconds of shoddily captured video?! Keep dreaming!

But nah for real though, it’s still very much a work in progress and we don’t want to show a ton of it off until we get more polished. At the very least, we need a player character model. Anyway, now on to more recap stuff.


See the great thing about Unreal Engine is that everything just kind of works. We haven’t had huge troubles implementing anything technical, but we did have an issue with Source Control. For you guys that don’t know, Source Control is a tool used by Programmers that can automatically track and merge any changes to a project made by a developer. The most widely used one is git. It’s an essential tool when creating a piece of software in a team. You don’t want to accidentally overwrite any changes other team members made and vice versa. We use git, and unfortunately, Unreal does not play well with git. See the most important file in Unreal is a binary file, which means that git doesn’t know what to do with it. Suddenly, we start overwriting each other’s work and things are just generally not organized.

This kind of thing was exactly what we didn’t want to happen, but we made it work (kinda). So you people out there reading this, Unreal + git is tricky business. Consider yourself warned.


Oh man, there’s houses and ummmm trees and stuff. Our lead artist is hard at work making the player character. Our concept artist did an awesome piece. You’ll see it in a sec.


See what did I tell you?
See what did I tell you?


As with any design-oriented game, there are many arguments about design elements. Everyone has a different opinion, and we have to resolve those differences in opinion. We’re saving a lot of this for next Sprint, but this stuff is going to be very important very soon.


Jarrett wrote an amazing opening piece. You heard 30 seconds of it in the video above, and that was probably already too much for you to handle. We’re excited to put other awesome Jarrett-oriented musics in later.


Anyway, we’re gonna have a very exciting public push in the next few weeks or so. It’ll be great. Who knows, maybe someone who’s not on the development team will start reading these things.




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