Time to “Spring” to action


We’re about half-way done now, and we’re super excited. We have approximately 9 weeks to finish our game now, and we feel (kinda) prepared for it. We’ve made a lot of progress, and we even have a video to show off our game thus far. You know, if you’re into that kind of thing.


Now are you guys ready for some heart-pounding, gut-wrenching updates? Again, I’m gonna break it up into different categories.



Here’s a character sheet for the player character’s Mom. Do with that what you will. What we do with this is give it to one of our 3D modelers. Then they go and make the character, but in 3D.

Mom character sheet


We also now have a logo. Courtesy of Gabriella Rossetti.

kaleidoscope logo




As we speak, Max and Khanh are going into Unreal 4, and making the entire map continuous. As in, the player can walk from one end to the other without losing track of themselves. It sounds like a simple task, but in a game with a bajillion camera’s, it is not.

oh hey there



Jiayu has built an awesome design doc where she writes out scenes and then puts them on the map.



Then I edit the writing¬†because Jiayu’s writing, while good, is not 100% understandable right away.



Beside the writing above, Jiayu has been doing stuff, things. For instance, she has created a music doc similar to the writing doc above for our musician to use to write music.

She’s also starting to angle the camera’s in interesting ways all throughout the map. She’s also putting down placeholder assets for the modelers to go back and fill in. I have no pictures for this.


Well I hope you readers are just as excited for the game as we are. This is the last stretch and we are really, really feeling it.





(*) Cover art courtesy of Bee Clipart

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