We we we so excited

Andrew “That Guy” “MLG” “Max” “This Guy” Fisher reporting in. Things have gone well this week. Khanh and I have done a lot of coding and were able to create a┬áscalable responsive camera system by messing with the HUD. The way we are planning on doing it might by considered a janky but such is life. Getting unreal and github to work on my Surface has not been easy but I am getting close. Then I will be able to program on my own during game jams instead of pair programming with Khanh. But the camera system did come together easier than expected, now it just needs some finesse. Khanh being lead programmer is handling the technical design doc but I hear it isn’t going well, will most likely have to help with that. I can honestly say at this point in time all these over head sprint plans and design docs are like bee stings; I hate bee stings. All this overhead with scrum and design docs is just getting in the way of actual coding now, it’s just too much.

Until next week!

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