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Before I start this off, I have a confession to make. I’m bad at updating this web site. I just am. I wish I weren’t, but I’m easily distract-able. Case in point, instead of updating this website and upping the social media presence of Kaleidoscope, I’ve been helping make the game. I’ve been putting down cameras, making trigger boxes, and mucking about in UE4 (Unreal Engine 4). Everyone else on the team has been doing this too. We’ve really, really hunkered down on making this thing, and that has been occupying more of my time than writing blog posts has. This leads well into my next point…

…We have a game!!!

Cue celebrating baby


Cue celebrating baby


Yes, that’s right. A game exists, and it exists now! There’s a beginning, a middle, and an end. You can play it. It (probably) won’t crash. You might even enjoy it, maybe.

That being said, it’s not done yet. We’ve just released the Beta version of the game, which means that it is simply content complete. All of the levels are there, and you can play them in order. Indeed, there are still a lot of things we would like to improve about the game before we call it finished. There are missing songs. There are weird bugs we have to fix. There’s some dialogue we need to rerecord.

Though don’t let it be said that I am not a man of the people. If you want to play it, and play it now, you can. Just be forewarned, it’s not done yet. Simply visit our download page to get jiggy with it.


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