We may have lost the battle, but the war is already won

Today, we had a real fight with blueprints of which I have been avoiding until this point. The process went something like

1. Get fresh version of repository

2. Work on a new interactible area

3. Give interactible area some blueprint

4. Break the game

5. Repeat

For most the day I thought it was something¬†wrong with either my VS or Unreal on this computer but further testing revealed dispatching events was causing the crash but only AFTER you closed UE4 then opened it again. Further investigation revealed this a known problem. There are some work-arounds but in general, it simply doesn’t behave as it should even though on many tutorials I have watched, it does. I will try on my Surface or on Khanh’s computer tomorrow and if that doesn’t work I will start applying the other techniques but I adamant to get this first process working because of how intuitive it is. Other than the fact that UE4 is still new and still has bugs, it should be working fine. It was even mentioned by a developer that my problem should be fixed in the next release which is infuriating really.

All in all it doesn’t matter even if I have to use alternative methods and interaction will be done by tomorrow evening.

Max “Frimmin on the Jim Jam” Fisher

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