Sprint 1 is just about done, and I would just like to say we did it! I did panes and screens with Khahn, interaction, doors, and narrative triggers (text on screen, mp3 plays). I actually finished everything early and was told to just sort of do stuff that I think we will need.

Considering this is only a 12 unit quarter for me, I have done more coding than any other quarter so far. My two 5 units and 1 2 unit are very demanding. Hopefully it will get better once I am done with the 2 unit project. It feels like both 147 and 171 need to be 7 unit classes with all the time they require. Let’s just say there is never a day off and I’m counting every hour I have to assign to certain tasks. I have never had to feature lock my own home work assignments before. For example, on the 147 project I had to feature lock what ever I was working on at 7 so I could start working on Ontological stuff, then at 10 I had to lock that to work on 171.

But stuff is getting done, and the blizzard guy said “YOU SHOULD BE CODING EVERYDAY!!” so at least we have that going.

And just as ending note, Shrek really holds up, I can quote so many things from that movie and Lord Farquaad is one of the best characters ever written of all time. How did he not make another appearance???
“Well that’s not very nice, he’s just a donkey”
“Man, that was annoying”
“Ogres, are not, like cakes”
“Oh, and you’re a giiirl dragon, I mean of course you’re a girl dragon”
“Pick number 3 milord!”
“Not the buttons, not my gumdrop buttons!”
“Wipe you….. face”
“I don’t know, there are those who think, little of him”
“Maybe you shouldn’t judge people before you get to know them”
“I’m supposed to beautiful” “You are beautiful”
“Well I’ve got to save my ass”
“That’ll do Donkey, that’ll do”
“Well he huffed and he puffed and he… signed an eviction notice”
“Blue Flower Red Thorns. This would be so much easier if I wasn’t COLORBLIND”
“Oh merry men!”
“I like that boulder, that is a nice boulder”
“Actually that would be giants”
“Can’t we settle this over a pint?”
“Man that was annoying”
“You don’t need to waste manners on the ogre, it’s not like it has feelings”

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