Sprint 1 Complete

I’m sure you’ve gotten more than enough posts about this whole Sprint thing. I’m also sure that the average reader would be lost with all of these out-of-context updates filled with all this unknown vocabulary and stuff. Because of these things, I’m going to try to get you up to speed on the whole game. Stop me if I lose you somewhere. Or leave a comment; that works too. Now first thing first, we finished our Sprint 1.

[Insert obligatory celebration gif here]
What does this mean for you? Well, not much actually. Sorry to disappoint. On the other hand, this means a ton for us. Get ready here, because I’m going to go full SCRUM. For those of you that don’t remember, SCRUM is a method for doing a team project. SCRUM projects are broken up into Sprints. Basically, a Sprint is a unit of work time. This Sprint was 3 weeks long and every Sprint from here on is going to be 2 weeks long. Now try not to fall asleep for the rest of this.

This Sprint was pretty much a trial run. Does this team work? How efficient are we? Did we get everything done that we wanted to? How prepared are we to make the rest of this game? How hard was it to actually start making this game?

I’m happy to report that the answers to the above questions were satisfactory. (Yes, 3.65, Yes-ish, Super, Also super).

Now let me give you guys the rundown in all of our departments:



Our code efficiency is excellent. Our developers have been working hard, and Unreal Engine 4 has been making this relatively easy for us. We are at a point where we have about 80% of our base systems in, which is definitely what you want 3-weeks into a project. Essentially, we just have to get a few more systems up, and then fill in the rest with content. I’ll show you a great picture of some Unreal Blueprints to sate you beautiful people.

Is this not how people usually do it?



I don’t know if you saw Martina’s update about our art, but we’ve pretty much nailed down where we’re going with our style. We just need to start doubling down on some art assets now. Woo!

I love me some barrels




So our game takes place in a town, right? Well what better way to design a video game town than create a map for it? We have our map, now we just have to label it. Oh, and also, our map is made out of post-it notes.

The resemblance to a fish is kind of uncanny.



Oh man, all you audio people out there were probably thinking that we had forgotten one of the most important parts. I mean, how else are we going to get the atmosphere we wanted without some bomb-ass music? Oh man, we had totally had you going there for a bit! There’s no way we’d disregard something that important, hahahahahahahahahaha!

Forced laughter aside, we found a musician up to the task. Enter Jarrett Van Den Bergh. I would show you something he made for us, but I don’t know if he would be okay with that. Maybe next time, you’ll get a taste of some nice musica. 😉


Anyway, we plan on getting a first-playable prototype out in 2 weeks. We plan to have some really cool stuff to show you for that process, and we hope you like it. Who knows, at this rate, we may have a whole game pretty soon here.

Au revoir,


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