About Us

Here you can find info about our entirely competent, highly professional, and experienced team.


Jiayu Zeng


Codename: Food

Roles: Designer, Programmer, Gecko, Banana Slug, Distractor

Jiayu is always exciting. Then she is depressed, nervous and exciting again. Her friend said she was liked a monkey. o(0.0)o  She says she doesn’t mind to be a coding monkey, with bananas and other food. Her portfolio is hers here.


Khanh Le


Codename: Machine

Role: Developer, Programmer, Fun Killer, Party Pooper

Rumors said Khanh stole all the coding tasks from his team members and eliminated anyone who opposed.  He also didn’t have feelings, you know, like a machine. He was always hiding in the corner and plotting something. Something… evil. Find out more about Khanh here.


Martina Stepisnik

Currently has no photo available, so please enjoy this picture of her cat holding a balloon instead:

This is Chloe. She likes to party.

Roles: Art Lead, User Test Coordinator, Awkward Turtle, Baker

Martina likes to remain mysterious, so for now you get to know nothing.


Max Fisher


Codename: Peter

Roles: Tester, Coder, Answers the Question “Does this look good?”, Designer, Spy

Max is a Game Design Student at UCSC and professional Cheeto-Eater. Max had many signs that he was going to be more of a coder and less of an “out-doors” person including falling off the swing, falling off his bike, falling off a sled, getting hit with a baseball (with braces!) and falling off his bike again once he got back on (5 stitches!). His portfolio is here.


Taylor Owen


Codename: Emails

Roles: Producer, Programmer, Writer

Taylor was a young boy when the accountants wolves took him. Since then all we’ve been able to get out of him have been howls and spreadsheets. Sometimes he chews our shoes. You can find his portfolio here.


Minh Duong


Role: 3D Modeler

Minh Duong is a blah blah visual artist blah. In 2D and 3D art blah and other blah. Here you can blah his blah at blah.


Jarrett van den Bergh


Codename: Ace

Role: Composer

Jarrett is a first year Game Design Major at UCSC. He loves to write music and would like to dedicate his work to the word three-morrow. We’ve all heard of ‘the day after tomorrow’, right? In his opinion, that’s just too many words. Hopefully, this kind of ingenuity may be a benefit to the team.


Sterling Salvaterra


Codename: Archer

Role:  3D Modeler

Sterling is a second year game design major and has a passion for working on games. He models all the “stuff” that Martina asks for and answers the question, “do you watch Archer?”


Laurie Lee


Role: Character Concept Artist

Laurie is a recent graduate from CSU Northridge, with a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance. She is currently pursuing to be a project coordinator, as she found her extracurricular activities to be much more enticing. (She still loves music.) At the moment, Laurie does some odd jobs, one being volunteering to be Kaleidoscope’s concept artist.  She took painting lessons when she was younger, but never received any formal training when it came to drawing and sketching.  Her hobbies are drawing (haha), playing League of Legends, watching movies (her favorite being Gladiator), hanging out all day in the library/bookstore, and, more recently, playing hyakunin-isshu karuta.


Gabriella Rossetti


Roles: Environmental Concept Artist, Logo Designer

Gabriella is currently a freelance concept artist living in Southern California. She is formally trained as a visual development artist and is working towards a career in video games and animation. She’s also pretty decent at sewing and other crafty-type things.  Her hobbies include putting things in boxes and petting other people’s cats.  Her portfolio can be viewed here.


Lisa Durand


Role: 3D Modeler

Look down. Look up. This is what a future Pixar animator could look like. Look down. Look up. This is what a 3D modeler at UCSC studying art and computer science currently does look like… she can open a Starburst with her tongue.


Brian Lambrigger

Role: 3D Modeler
Brian is an undergraduate student studying Game Design at the University of California Santa Cruz campus. Versed in programming, game design methodologies, and skills in game art, with an emphasis in 3D modeling, Brian currently studies and works as a freelance 3D modeler, in addition to his employment as an instructor of programming and game design with iD Tech during summers, and as a computing assistant with the UCSC IT Department, Social Sciences division.
Other Team Members

Unfortunately, we don’t have pictures and bios for everyone on the team, but the remaining people are credited below.
Chris Horchler – 3D Modeller
Vanessa Gaspar – Voice Actor
Andrea Bornn – Voice Actor
Joseph Schultz – Composer
Camellia Boutros – Sound Designer